GIA History

The Golden Image Awards (GIA) was founded in September 2010, with the first edition held in July 2011. The GIA serves as a unique platform for Liberia to recognize and appreciate those individuals, organizations and countries who, against all odds put in their time and resources to contribute to humanity, sustainable peace, development, and social justice for all, especially since the end of the 14-years devastating civil war in Liberia. The Award is also intended to recognize and reward leaders and philanthropists who have helped one way or the other to support Liberia attain its current status among comity of nations around the world.

The GIA is premised on two (2) key rationales: to support the Government of the Republic of Liberia through innovative activities to rebuild Liberia's image after 14-years of devastating civil crisis; and to honor and recognize individuals, organizations and countries who have made outstanding contributions to the peace process in Liberia and/or those who have significantly impacted their communities, the lives of ordinary people, but where such contributions have gone unnoticed.

Every time the Golden Image Award is held, it is meant to provide a unique opportunity to recognize individuals, organizations and countries who have sacrificed and contributed to building a peaceful future generation – leaders whose examples can be applied as practical ways to build and achieve positive legacies, promote and encourage effective leadership, and democratic rule either in Liberia or around the World.

Designed as an annual event, the GIA is an integral part of Liberia's Independence Day celebration and it aspires to maintain this precedence every year in the hope of supporting national leadership and innovation to sustain the peace and elicit the confidence of the international community to work with our Government and increase investment in our economy.

The Golden Image Award initiative is housed by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace as the lead organizing institution supported by a National Secretariat. The GIA National Secretariat comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds. The local membership of the GIA National Secretariat includes lecturers and students from universities across Liberia, civil society organizations, line ministries, journalists, artistes, women, groups, youth groups, religious and traditional leaders. International membership of the Secretariat constitutes professionals and event organizers from the Sierra Leone, Canada, India, China, USA, Doha (Qatar), Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Germany and South Africa. The GIA National Secretariat is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing various program activities including the main award event in consultation and collaboration with the Liberia Crusaders for Peace.


1. To recognize Liberians and other nationals including organizations and countries who have successfully impacted the lives of Liberians and other nationals through continued sacrifices, public and humanitarian services;

2. Recognize committed public or civil servants and leaders that have contributed immensely to public service delivery in Liberia and the rest of the World with impeccable character;
3. Support, encourage, and cultivate humanitarianism in Liberia and around the world;

4. Showcase the talents of Liberian artistes such as musicians, movie stars, dancers, drummers, athletes, designers, caterers, writers, and painters to encourage artistic innovation and creativity in Liberia;

5. To encourage individuals to voluntarily take the lead in addressing problems and challenges in their respective communities;

6. Exhibition of Liberia's arts and craft; and

7. Serves as an inspiration for young people and to encourage them to emulate recipients of the accolade.

Key Accomplishments

Since the inception of the Golden Image Award in 2011, there have been several editions held, all of which have been extremely successful.
These events have acclaimed national and international recognition involving the participation of the President and Vice President of the Republic of Liberia; Her Excellency Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boaka; national and foreign nominees, international guests, and diplomatic missions.
The National Secretariat of the Golden Image Awards has received praises and strong words of appreciation from the guests and general public for the level of innovation and creativity and for meeting public expectation.

GIA Feature Plans

1. Provision of scholarship
2. Empowerment programs
3. Construction of facility for GIA National Secretariat including capacity building training facility
4. GIA Media facilities (radio and television stations, and newspaper)
5. Construction of GIA Theater ; and
6. Construction of monument for the image/face behind the Award