GIA Nomination

Every year, in the month of September, the GIA National Secretariat sends out communications through its network at national and international levels to potential individuals, organizations and authorities to submit names of nominees for the Award. This process runs from September – February each year, and all nominations are handled confidentially. The GIA Secretariat does not allow or accept self-nomination. Nominations received after the due date (February) are included in the following year's nomination.

The selection process of candidates for the Award is research based. Profiles of candidates will be researched and scrutinized and vetted by the GIA Secretariat at national and international. Each eligible candidate’s profile should reflect or show a direct impact on Liberia and Africa as well. The profiles of the international nominees will be vetted through a competitive process before they can become eligible for the Award.

Award Category

Consistent with the mission, the Golden Image Awards has five (8) categories under which eligible candidates or recipients are placed.

1. Education
2. Development
3. Democracy
4. Leadership
5. Peace
6. Health
7. Humanity
8. Arts

Considering the impact of the Award event as times pass, the GIA National Secretariat may include other categories for nomination which could be reflective of evolving realities.